Four years after the first version, «Prince Of Persia 2» was released. Expectations were big, and the second part didn't disapppoint.

This time the graphics were impressively better, and instead of featuring just castle levels, the player gets to visit the outdoors, and travel in many different kinds of environment.

However, the game wasn't the revolution that the first version was, leaving many players unsatisfied. In any case, it certainly wasn't a sequel made just for the money, but an impressive game for its time, and a worthy successor of the original.

The game plot is placed 11 days after the end of the first game. During those days, the Sultan returned to the castle, and the Prince and Princess got married. However, an evil Witch resurrected Jaffar, and used a spell that prevented anyone from recognizing him, so people thought he was a beggar and made him an outcast. After that, the Prince must defeat Jaffar again.

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